Stop Data Breaches
With Zero Trust Segmentation

Get started with zero trust segmentation in 3 simple steps

Understand how your hybrid cloud applications are communicating

Edgewise visualizes application topology down to the process, and highlights attack paths to data stores

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Know when unexpected application communications happen

Edgewise baselines application communication patterns and notifies you of deviations

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Protect sensitive applications and data from breaches

Edgewise zero trust segmentation allows applications to make and receive connections only after they have been verified

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Edgewise Networks Named MassTLC Leadership Award Winner

"Our congratulations to Edgewise Networks and to all of the 21st annual MassTLC Leadership Awards finalists. Each one is an example of the executive leadership, business acumen and technological innovation fueling Massachusetts’ economy and an example of the breadth and depth of talent in our region."

Moving to Central Network Security Policy Management for Hybrid Clouds

"Startups such as Edgewise Networks look at the world from the public cloud back into the data center. In other words, they are targeting the real action in the cloud today and are then poised to replace existing network security infrastructure already deployed in private clouds over time."

If we could just get a word in Edgewise...

"New kid says it can do data center firewalls better. Upstart exits stealth this week with 'reinvented' protections."

See how Edgewise makes zero trust segmentation simple for defenders and complex for attackers.