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Visualize Workload Risk
Workload Risk
Map application topology in real time, and assess risk. Insight to action in one click. More
Secure Cloud Migration
Secure Cloud
Portable policies move with workloads for gapless protection. More
Protect Serverless Workloads
Protect Serverless
Including AWS RDS, Lambda, Azure SQL. More
Simplify Microsegmentation
Segment workloads in minutes, not months, without building a single policy. More
Zero Trust Networking
Zero Trust
Protect workloads, not addresses. Stronger protection for high-risk workloads. More
Free Webinar: Building a Zero Trust Network
Sign up for our webinar to learn about the philosophy behind Zero Trust Networking. Hosted by Evan Gilman and Doug Barth, authors of Zero Trust Networks. Register for the free webinar.

Trust at the Application Layer

Trusted Application Networking with Machine Learning

Stop trusting addresses. Start verifying identities.

Trusted Application Networking from Edgewise allows only verified applications to communicate over approved network paths. No more relying on untrusted network constructs. More


Simple For Defenders. Complex For Attackers.

Edgewise uses machine learning to provide unparalleled security coverage and operational simplicity. One click is all it takes to apply the optimal policies and stop attackers’ lateral movement.

Trusted Application Networking
Reveals Risk
Builds Policies
Builds Policies

Edgewise Networks small logoEdgewise Protect

Protects Workloads and Stops Attacks

Stop lateral movement of malicious software that bypasses firewalls. Lock down your cloud and allow only verified applications to communicate over approved pathways. Receive alerts for any anomalous communication.

Eliminates Network Attack Surface

As much as 95% of network pathways are not required for normal business use. Eliminate unneeded application communication paths and protect the rest by mutually validating connections before a single packet is sent.

Immediate Time To Value

Apply workload protection policies in minutes, not days or months. Quickly approve machine-learned and automatically-built policy recommendations.


Edgewise Buzz

Edgewise Networks Emerges From Stealth to Bring Zero Trust Networking to the Data Center
"Edgewise sees its product as being more effective than complex microsegmentation, and even easier to use than relatively simpler next-gen firewalls."
Edgewise, With $7M in Tow, Aims to Simplify Network Security With AI
"A new cybersecurity startup from the Boston area is continuing the trend of using machine learning technologies to both fortify and reduce complexity in businesses’ cyber defenses."
If we could just get a word in Edgewise...
"New kid says it can do data center firewalls better. Upstart exits stealth this week with 'reinvented' protections."

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