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Stop Attack Progression
In The Cloud and Data Center


Edgewise protects application workloads with machine learning based network security

Traditional network security cannot stop lateral movement of malicious actors. Gain visibility into communicating applications and stop attacks in the cloud and data center by allowing only trusted applications to communicate over approved network paths.

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Webinar: Zero Trust Networking 101

There's buzz around zero trust networking right now, and with good reason: it's the future of network security because it more effectively protects cloud and data center workloads. Evan Gilman and Doug Barth, authors of Zero Trust Networks (O'Reilly), will explain why zero trust networking is a better way to stop attack progression in a webinar on October 25th. Register now! 

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Edgewise Trusted Application Networking 

Protects applications and stops attacks
Protects Applications. Stops Attacks
Allows only trusted applications to communicate over approved network paths
Eliminates attack surface
Eliminates Network Attack Surface
Blocks unneeded application communication paths and protects what’s required
Builds Optimal Policies Automatically
Simplifies operations with application-centric policies that are machine learned
Maps Application Communications
Automatically maps application topology to visualize their communications
reveals risk and recommends policies
Reveals Risk. Recommends Policies
Measures visible network attack surface and prioritizes protection
Adapts to DevOps and Cloud
Application-centric policies automatically adapt to changes
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Edgewise Buzz

If we could just get a word in Edgewise...

"New kid says it can do data center firewalls better. Upstart exits stealth this week with 'reinvented' protections."


Edgewise Networks Emerges From Stealth to Bring Zero Trust Networking to the Data Center

"Edgewise sees its product as being more effective than complex microsegmentation, and even easier to use than relatively simpler next-gen firewalls."


Edgewise, With $7M in Tow, Aims to Simplify Network Security With AI

"A new cybersecurity startup from the Boston area is continuing the trend of using machine learning technologies to both fortify and reduce complexity in businesses’ cyber defenses."


"Edgewise’s revolutionary security product for Trusted Application Networking enables Goulston & Storrs’ IT organization to protect our most valuable asset—our client’s data—simply and effectively."

John Arsneault, CIO of Goulston & Storr

"By using Trusted Application Networking from Edgewise in our data center, we can greatly increase our confidence in protecting our critical financial transactions."

Alec Polnarev, SVP Information Technology
Financial Services Company