Protects Where Firewalls Fail


Trusted Application Networking for Your Cloud and Data Center
Edgewise prevents compromise and attack progression of network-borne threats by
allowing only trusted applications to communicate over approved network paths.

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Zero-Trust Networks

Eliminates network attack surface

Cloud and data center networks expose business applications to attack by allowing unrestricted communication within the network perimeter, greatly increasing the risk of application compromise by network-borne threats. Edgewise’s ground-breaking technology eliminates 98% of your network attack surface and protects the rest.
Edgewise eliminates network attack surface
Edgewise protects applications, simply

Protects applications, simply

Address-centric network controls are no longer effective in securing cloud and data center networks. Trusted Application Networking from Edgewise ensures that only trusted software communicates within your network. It works by mutually validating the identity of the applications, users, and hosts before they connect — your business becomes more secure and agile.

Reveals risk, recommends protection

Edgewise first measures your visible network attack surface and quantifies your risk exposure, then uses machine learning to recommend optimal policies that help maximize protection. Quickly prioritize protection for high-risk applications which have the greatest exposed attack surface.
Reveals risk, recommends protection

Edgewise Protects Where Firewalls Fail

Eliminate 98% of network attack surface
Eliminate 98% of network attack surface and protect the rest.
99.99% analyzed application communications
99.99% analyzed application communications protected automatically.
60x policy compression to simplify security
60x policy compression to simplify security.
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Edgewise Networks Emerges from Stealth to Protect Where Firewalls Fail with Introduction of Trusted Application Networking. 

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