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Our Mission


Edgewise Networks is revolutionizing network security by proactively preventing application compromise and attack progression by network-borne threats.

Edgewise provides Trusted Application Networking for the cloud and data center to protect where firewalls fail. We prevent progression of network-borne threats by allowing only trusted applications to communicate over approved network paths. Using machine learning, Edgewise recommends and prioritizes optimal policies to eliminate 98% of the network attack surface and protect the rest.

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Meet the Team


Our team is led by security and infrastructure experts who have honed their craft at leading network and cybersecurity companies, including Carbon Black, Cisco, Google, Oracle, RSA and Symantec.

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Peter Smith
Peter Smith

Founder and CEO
Harry Sverdlove
Harry Sverdlove

Chief Technology Officer
Nagraj Seshadri, VP of Marketing
Nagraj Seshadri

VP of Marketing
Tom Hickman, VP of Engineering
Tom Hickman

VP of Engineering
John O'Neil, Chief Data Scientist
John O'Neil

Chief Data Scientist
Adam LeWinter, Sales Engineer
Adam LeWinter

Sales Engineer
Adam Sell
Adam Sell

Anthony Gelsomini, Engineering
Anthony Gelsomini

Herman Parfenov, Engineering
Herman Parfenov

Kevin Richard

Marat Ryndin, Product Design
Marat Ryndin

Product Design
Matt Heiser

Michael Henriksen, Engineering
Michael Henriksen

Michael Melson, Engineering
Michael Melson

Nate Simon

Omar Baba, Engineering
Omar Baba

Peter Kahn, Engineering
Peter Kahn

Pete Nahas, Engineering
Pete Nahas

Sean Lutner, Engineering
Sean Lutner

Suji Suresh, Engineering
Suji Suresh

Tom Keiser, Engineering
Tom Keiser

Xing Li


What's in the name Edgewise?


An “Edgewise” View for Better Security. Edgewise believes you can and must have both protection and agility for your critical business infrastructure. To thwart attackers, you need to minimize your visible attack surface — revealing only an “edgewise” view of your network — and protect exposed business applications.

Trusted application networking

Our Founders

Peter Smith, Found & CEO of Edgwise Networks

Peter Smith
Founder and CEO

Prior to founding Edgewise, Peter was on the founding team at Infinio Systems where he led cross-functional strategy for Infinio's products and technology as VP of Product Management. Peter brings a security practitioner’s perspective to data center products with more than ten years of expertise as an infrastructure and security architect of full-service data centers and customer-hosting environments for Harvard University, Endeca Technologies, American Express, Fidelity UK, Bank of America, and Nike.
Harry Sverdlove, Edgewise Network’s Chief Technology Officer

Harry Sverdlove
Chief Technology Officer

Harry Sverdlove, Edgewise’s Chief Technology Officer, was previously CTO of Carbon Black, where he was the key driving force behind their industry-leading endpoint security platform. Earlier in his career, Harry was principal research scientist for McAfee, Inc., where he supervised the architecture of crawlers, spam detectors and link analyzers. Prior to that, Harry was director of engineering at Compuware Corporation (formerly NuMega), and principal architect for Rational Software, where he designed the core automation engine for Rational Robot.

Our Investors


Our top-tier investors have proven success in security.

“Peter and Harry have the ideal blend of vision, experience and drive that we look for in entrepreneurs to address the large and complex problem of securing cloud and data center networks. Edgewise’s patent-pending technology — Trusted Application Networking — goes beyond today’s network security models to provide radically new and simpler protection for the cloud and data center”

Maria Cirino , Co-Founder and Managing Partner
.406 Ventures

“We are thrilled to partner with Peter and Harry as they fill a void in the network security market to protect cloud and data center applications. In addition to creating an outstanding security company, they are committed to building a thriving community of technology startups in the Boston region”

Jeff Fagnan , Founder and General Partner

“As soon as Pillar met Peter and Harry, we knew they were onto something that could totally change the face of enterprise security. Together, they have decades of industry experience, but manage to remain unencumbered by traditional thinking. Edgewise approaches enterprise security from an entirely new angle, taking a Trusted Application Networking approach, something no other company is poised to do as well”

Jamie Goldstein , Founder and Partner