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Capital One Breach - Security Weekly

Protect AWS Instance Metadata and User Data with Zero Trust

Prevent unauthorized access of Amazon Web Services (AWS) instance metadata and user data while allowing legitimate, approved services access to the data. No changes to the application, Security Groups or the network. Secure metadata in minutes.



The recent breach at Capital One involved AWS metadata service exploitation, and showed how easily attackers can take advantage of this security gap in AWS infrastructure. Edgewise has a unique and simple way to protect AWS metadata services with no changes required to the application or the network. Edgewise allows only approved processes to communicate with metadata services, after verifying the identity of the processes--providing you zero trust security.

Contact us for a demo and learn how to:

  • Visualize communications between your applications and the AWS metadata service
  • Automatically protect metadata by allowing only verified services to communicate with it
  • Be alerted to unauthorized attempts at communicating with the AWS metadata service
  • How Edgewise’s automated protection allows only approved software to access AWS instance

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