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Looking Back at Black Hat

First and foremost, a big thanks to all of you who stopped by our booth at Black Hat last week. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and throughout the industry, and the conversations we had ranged from 'what is zero trust networking?' to detailed discussions about how our OS-based enforcement protects against specific attack methods.

(For the record, the most-asked question of the event was about our mohawked friends. Yes, they were real, and they were fabulous.)

trusted application networking

And just in case you missed out on the chance to grab the new O’Reilly book Zero Trust Networks at our booth, we’ve got the first chapter available as a free download.

Several visitors we spoke with described their own efforts implementing zero trust networking principles in their own data centers and private clouds. Those folks are true trailblazers in this new field, and we salute you for taking the lead at your own organizations.

It was rewarding to bring so many attendees from the point of not knowing who we were to that 'aha!' moment where they understood:

The fact that nearly everyone who stopped by "got it" tells us we might just be onto something. (And that every single firewall vendor stopped by to see the demo might be a sign as well.)

Seeing our corner of the show floor packed, hour after hour, with folks interested in seeing a new way of stopping lateral attack movement has made all the late nights behind Edgewise worthwhile!

Tom Keiser, Edgewise Engineering

Written by Tom Keiser, Edgewise Engineering

Tom Keiser is a principal kernel developer at Edgewise. Previously, he specialized in distributed file systems and distributed instrumentation. Outside of work, he enjoys large format photography, macroeconomics, and reading about history.