Security for your
cloud migration

Constant Protection. Environment Agnostic.

Why Edgewise

Enforces Zero Trust by allowing only trusted software to communicate.
Provides agentless protection for serverless workloads.
Adaptive policies require no changes after migration.
Automatically builds policies within 72 hours.
Supports load balancers in the cloud and on premises.
Supports every major cloud provider—VMware, AWS, Azure, and Google.
Workload communications

Save time

Edgewise automatically maps application topology, visualizes potential attack pathways, and highlights areas of greatest risk, whether your workloads are running in the cloud or in an internal data center. Based on this data flow mapping, Edgewise automatically builds and recommends portable policies, and all policies can be implemented in one click. Because Edgewise works across networks, you no longer need to waste time creating and implementing different policies for different environments (public, private, or hybrid cloud). Edgewise protection travels with your workload, saving you time and increasing security.


Reduce complexity

In a service-oriented architecture, tracking inventory of policies and applied rules is difficult, and dependencies are affected every time a cloud instance changes. Edgewise simplifies tracking and protection and anticipates the impact of change by focusing on the data and applications rather than the environment in which they are running. Full integration with your CI/CD pipeline means that software is protected before it’s deployed into your production environment.


Apply gap-free protection

Our zero trust, data-centric policies provide consistent, application fingerprint-level protection for your workloads, whether you start in the cloud or are migrating there, and do not require any changes after migration. Edgewise’s uniform approach to policy creation and application means that you can be certain only software verified by its fingerprint is allowed to communicate—independent of network location.


Edgewise Networks
Edgewise Protect

Stop Data Breaches with Zero Trust

Apply adaptive and simplified policies to allow only verified workloads to communicate over approved pathways. Never trust, always verify.

Automatically Measure Risk

Identify data stores and map communication pathways to understand your security risk. Prioritize protection based on risk of compromise.

Enable DevOps Security

Enable DevOps and SREs to build and deploy software with more security and with fewer disruptions to the SDLC. Machine-learned policy creation and enforcement allows auto-scaling in even the most elastic cloud environment.