Edgewise for cloud migration

Edgewise for Cloud Migration

Edgewise allows companies to move to the cloud securely by placing protection at the application level instead of around every device or end user. We help answer the questions: Which applications are communicating? Which ones should be communicating? Are the right systems talking to one another without allowing malicious traffic to persist? Built on zero trust, Edgewise allows only verified software to communicate in your public, private, or hybrid cloud environment, mitigating risk, and offering the highest level of data breach protection.

Edgewise helps your business:

save time

Save time

Edgewise gives you the intelligence to understand and react to to risks on your network without the heavy lift of writing and continually tuning security policies. We automatically map your application topology, visualize all potential attack pathways, and highlight areas of greatest risk, whether your workloads are running in the cloud or in an internal data center. Based on this data flow mapping, Edgewise automatically builds and recommends portable policies using machine learning, and all policies can be implemented in one click. Because Edgewise works across network environments, you no longer need to waste time creating and implementing different policies for different environments (public, private, or hybrid cloud). Edgewise protection travels with your workload, saving you time and increasing security.
reduce complexity

Reduce complexity

In a service-oriented architecture, tracking inventory of policies and applied rules is difficult, and dependencies are affected every time a cloud instance is spun up or down. This creates management and availability issues. Additionally, data flow mapping in a cloud is complex because services can change location, which increases the number of data points that must be monitored and managed. In contrast, Edgewise simplifies tracking and protection and anticipates the impact of change by focusing on the data and applications rather than the environment in which they are running. No more operational complexity of trying to determine which applications are talking to which servers, learn where each host is located, or monitor thousands of data points. All that matters is your data, and Edgewise applies zero trust protection at the software/application level, reducing the headache of managing ever-changing environments.
apply gap free protection

Apply gap-free protection

Cloud architectures are not fit for traditional security tools that are based on IP addresses, ports, and protocols. The dynamic nature of the cloud makes these static security controls unreliable because they can change at any time, multiple times throughout any given day. To counter the problem of address-based controls, Edgewise cryptographically fingerprints workloads based on a set of immutable properties that attackers can’t exploit. Our zero trust, data-centric policies provide consistent, application fingerprint-level protection for your workloads, whether you start in the cloud or are migrating there, and do not require any changes after migration. You configure what you want to monitor and protect, and we will alert you any time your environment deviates from its expected state. Edgewise’s uniform approach to policy creation and application means that you can be certain only software verified by its fingerprint is allowed to communicate—independent of network location.

Edgewise Secures Public Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
Amazon Redshift
Amazon DynamoB
Amazon ElastiCache

Network Load Balancer (NLB)
Application Load Balancer (ALB)
Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

SQL Database
Azure Cosmos DB
Table Storage
Redis Cache
Load Balancer

Cloud Storage
Cloud SQL
Cloud Bigtable
Cloud Datastore
Cloud Balancing

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