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Edgewise for Container Security

Edgewise for Container Security

Strong protection for workloads across container, multi-cloud, and on-premises data center environments
As an agent-based solution, Edgewise works as software is deployed into production, without disrupting developers’ work patterns and without a required translation between the language of applications and the language of the network on which applications are deployed.

Edgewise helps your business:

Identify and map applications and their network communications

Identify and map container-based applications and their communications

Edgewise continuously scans the network to discover applications and services the moment they attempt to communicate. Our Zero Trust Identity (ZTID) governs communication between workloads and dependencies, and allows us to provide real-time application topology mapping.

Enforce application-aware policies

Enforce application-aware policies, without changes to the development process

Workload identity is the basis for Edgewise’s application-aware policies. This identity-based approach decouples security from the network (which is ever-changing in a container) and results in hardened policies that are portable across instances and environments. Edgewise machine learning automatically gathers data to ensure your workloads are always protected.

Detect potential attacks against applications in real time

Detect potential attacks against container applications in real time

Every workload communication is verified by its ZTID. Only Edgewise can assure symmetric identity verification. Our patented verification process also facilitates anomalous behavior detection. Since security is tied to the identity of your applications, if a fingerprint changes, you are alerted in real time and can take immediate action, without disrupting the development workflow.

Zero Trust Security For Any Container Environment

Edgewise’s zero trust security platform provides the broadest coverage across all environments, whether it is bare metal on premises, virtualized private cloud, or the public cloud. Supported container environments include Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS). Edgewise’s platform and products are API driven and can integrate with existing security tools and DevOps processes.

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Why Edgewise

Why choose Edgewise?

Increases developer speed

The automatically-created Edgewise policies are workload-centric and require no changes from development through production networks. Yes, Edgewise is CI/CD friendly.

Microsegmentation with one click

Edgewise builds policies that are based on software identity—simpler and stronger segmentation, with fewer policies to manage.

Zero trust security for container and non-container workloads

Because Edgewise policies use software identity instead of network addresses to determine authorization, protection is consistent across dynamic environments. One product secures all of your workloads.