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Edgewise and The CyberWire

The CyberWire Daily Podcast

Tom Hickman visits The CyberWire and speaks with Dave Bittner about why organizations are implementing microsegmentation, enhanced access controls, and zero trust to better protect themselves and their employees.


Segmentation and Security: How to Plan for Right-Sized Security Testing

Mark Butler and Peter Smith explore how to plan for penetration tests and audits against a zero trust network. They answer the questions:

  • How do I demonstrate that network segmentation is implemented and working as intended?
  • What types of network and data controls are necessary to protect critical data? Do they map to known risks?
  • Do my controls allow me to achieve provable security?

Watch the on-demand webinar here.


Zero Trust Microsegmentation 

Hybrid clouds require a consistent set of policies and controls across multiple network environments and shared responsibility models. Traditional security controls that rely on network constructs can't provide reliability or efficacy in the cloud.

Edgewise offers a new approach: zero trust microsegmentation based on the identity of software communicating in your hybrid cloud.

Learn how The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) validated Edgewise’s capabilities through a series of demonstration sessions.


Zero Trust Security For Any Environment

Edgewise’s provides the broadest support across all environments, whether it is bare metal on premises, virtualized private cloud, the public cloud, or any combination thereof. Environments can be static or highly dynamic. Edgewise supports 10 distributions of Linux (with over 800 patch levels dating back to 2.6), Windows 7 onwards, and any Windows Server operating systems. Supported container environments supported include Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS).

Edgewise’s platform and products are API driven and can integrate with existing security tools and DevOps processes, enabling easy zero trust microsegmentation.

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