Visualize Workload Risk

Data Flow

Reduce your attack surface and expose risk with Zero Trust.

Why Edgewise

Only allow trusted software to communicate.
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Agentless protection for serverless workloads.
No policy changes needed after migration.
Reveal risk for specific applications or hosts

Gain visibility

Edgewise maps your application topology and provides complete visibility into network communications by fingerprinting all software and services based on cryptographic attributes. Every time workloads communicate through the network, Edgewise is able to accurately identify what’s communicating and reveals deeper insight about application-to-application communication, connections between hosts, and other data pathways.

Review overall exposure

Improve security auditing

Edgewise builds a zero trust-based, real-time map of data flow so that you can clearly see how your software is communicating through systems; what applications, hosts, and processes have access to and are talking to other applications, hosts, and processes; and who/what is attempting third-party access. This insight is an important part of ensuring your systems have the proper controls implemented, that the controls are functioning as intended, and that systems are free of vulnerabilities or exploit.

Evaluate exposure of specific applications

Adapt to real-time changes

Edgewise uses machine learning to learn your application topology, visualize all the potential pathways of attack, and highlight areas of greatest risk. Because Edgewise is truly application-aware, you can be certain that valid updates to your software will always be recognized but that malicious activity will be prevented.


Edgewise Networks
Edgewise Protect

Stop Data Breaches with Zero Trust

Apply adaptive and simplified policies to allow only verified workloads to communicate over approved pathways. Never trust, always verify.

Automatically Measure Risk

Identify data stores and map communication pathways to understand your security risk. Prioritize protection based on risk of compromise.

Enable DevOps Security

Enable DevOps and SREs to build and deploy software with more security and with fewer disruptions to the SDLC. Machine-learned policy creation and enforcement allows auto-scaling in even the most elastic cloud environment.