Empowering DevOps With Zero Trust Security

Edgewise closes the security gap between the application and network.

Why Edgewise

Zero Trust allows only verified software to communicate.
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Secures production systems while enabling developer access.
No policy changes needed through the DevSecOps process.
Automatically builds policies within 72 hours.
Integrates with DevSecOps tooling.
Adapts to every cloud—VMware, AWS, Azure, and Google.

Gain application and risk visibility

Edgewise analyzes and visualizes application topology and dependencies, provides recommended defensive measures, and quantifies the risk exposure and impact of applying controls. Operations teams can make more informed decisions around which controls to apply. DevOps and DevSecOps teams now have a collaborative understanding of the risk impact of security controls and how that evolves over time.

Define and maintain fine-grained access policies without introducing complexity

Edgewise “policy compression” methods use machine learning to automate definition of an optimal policy set using orders of magnitude fewer rules. This lets you define adaptive access controls that enforce “least privilege” without manually defining and maintaining thousands of policies.

Enforce access controls without impacting the application

Edgewise’s Trusted Application Networking product protects business-critical infrastructure without changing the application or the network infrastructure that supports it. Edgewise requires no code changes, and introduces no VPNs, proxies or overlays, making deployment much simpler.

Integrate Zero Trust security into DevOps process tools

Edgewise’s code-free integration with security and analytics tools gives DevSecOps and DevOps teams the context they need to validate Zero Trust controls, and recommend changes to developers with a single mouse click. Edgewise also incorporates a rich API set to automate and integrate policy creation and validation into the CI/CD pipeline.


Edgewise Networks
Edgewise Protect

Stop Data Breaches with Zero Trust

Apply adaptive and simplified policies to allow only verified workloads to communicate over approved pathways. Never trust, always verify.

Automatically Measure Risk

Identify data stores and map communication pathways to understand your security risk. Prioritize protection based on risk of compromise.

Enable DevOps Security

Enable DevOps and SREs to build and deploy software with more security and with fewer disruptions to the SDLC. Machine-learned policy creation and enforcement allows auto-scaling in even the most elastic cloud environment.