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Edgewise for Application Owners and Developers

Enable applications to communicate as intended

Modern development paradigms rely on auto-scaling dynamic environments to achieve application performance and resilience. Traditional network security controls are hopelessly antiquated in the face of this new norm.
The Edgewise solution, in contrast to antiquated network security controls, allows developers to do what they do best- -build and deploy great applications--without worrying about network security controls breaking apps in production. The Edgewise agent works transparently, automatically adapting to changes in network topology, allowing network communication only between approved and sanctioned hosts and applications, and avoiding heavy-handed five-tuple security policy and the pagerduty alerts that usually come with them.
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Faster and fewer fixes

Change management of traditional network security controls is a slow and cumbersome process, often involving manual ticketing for mundane tasks such as the addition of a port on a firewall rule. Address-based controls hinder application agility and add complexity in private, enterprise-managed network segments. This drag is compounded to the point of paralysis in public cloud environments where the network is beyond the organization’s control.

With Edgewise, security policy is based on application identity rather than controlled by IP address and port. Only the applications you authorize can talk on the wire; they can only do so when they’re in the environment where you expect them, and can only communicate with their authorized and cryptographically-identified dependencies. In this world, you deploy policy once, segment your topology once, and deploy software into it forever. No more late night firewall changes. No more change-control board. No more untested rollback plans. No more urgent alerts about a blocked port on a firewall because someone else didn’t understand what software was talking on that port, or why.

Edgewise for Application Owners and Developers

The Edgewise agent is deployed into all phases of your deployment pipeline. Once on your hosts or workloads, Edgewise automatically maps the application topology and recommends security policy based on normative modeling of observed behavior. Edgewise enables application owners and developers, DevOps, network and security teams to collaborate in a single control plane, using a single source of truth. Zero Trust all the things, with Edgewise.

Protect applications with fewer restrictions

Distributed applications often run on networks that allow overly permissive access. That, in turn, allows unauthorized software to connect to the business application--shortcuts taken for ease of deployment drag along increased attack surface, which dramatically increases risk of breach. Until now, mitigating this has been a balancing act between “fast” and “secure.” The Edgewise solution profoundly reduces network attack surface by allowing only verified applications to communicate over approved network paths–this is the essence of zero trust. The intended state of the application is enforced and least privilege access is maintained, enabling high security without hindering application development velocity.