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Cloud Workload Protection

Edgewise for Cloud Workload Protection

Legacy network-based technologies don’t translate well into cloud environments, which are elastic, loosely coupled to infrastructure, and do not have a static perimeter. The new imperative is to abstract access controls away from network paths and to the verified identity of communicating applications and services. Security controls must continuously test the authenticity of workloads before least-privilege access can be granted.

Edgewise helps your business:

Edgewise reduces complexity

Reduce complexity

Edgewise simplifies workload protection by building policies based on the identity of applications, hosts, and services communicating in your cloud, not the network environment. No more operational complexity of trying to determine applications dependencies, learn where each host is located, or monitor thousands of data points. Edgewise applies zero trust protection at the software level, reducing the headache of managing ever-changing environments.
Edgewise applies gap-free protection

Apply gap-free protection

Cloud architectures are not fit for traditional security tools that use IP addresses, ports, and protocols as the control plane. Edgewise cryptographically fingerprints software based on immutable properties that attackers can’t exploit. Our zero trust, identity-centric policies provide consistent workload protection across all networking environments. All of your cloud workloads can now be protected uniformly and independent of network location. 
Edgewise continually assesses risk

Continually assess risk

Edgewise automatically measures your visible network attack surface to understand how many possible application communication pathways are in use, quantifies risk exposure based on the criticality of communicating software, and uses patented machine learning to recommend the fewest number of zero trust security policies that dramatically reduce your probability of data breach.