Edgewise For DevOps and SREs

Facilitate speed and agility

To ensure the business is meeting market and customer demand, organizations need DevOps and SRE teams to build and deploy software quickly, without issue. Edgewise is an application-centric security control, which means that it is free of any constraints of traditional security tools. Edgewise automatically detects applications as they are deployed into the production environment, identifies them by their identity attributes, and recommends security policies that can be applied in one click by the security team. No more need to translate the language of the application into network speak to make it run securely. No more delays in production. Just a seamless process which allows applications to communicate throughout the network and remain protected as they’re accessed by employees and customers.


Ensure uptime and resiliency

Application services need to be delivered reliably in environments that are constantly changing, whether that’s due to new application releases or new infrastructure in the cloud. Changes in application connectivity impact underlying network controls that rely on addresses, ports, and protocols which are unable to easily or quickly adapt. As such, in traditional environments, applications need to be translated to “speak” the language of the network, which is manual, time consuming, and can impact application uptime.

Edgewise policies, unlike traditional network security protocols, automatically adapt to application changes because they are based on workload identity and are independent of the network. This means that software releases can be easily moved through the CI/CD pipeline, from development to staging to production without requiring any changes to applications which are deployed into the network. Software simply works and communicates as intended. If software vulnerabilities are discovered while the application is running in production, Edgewise enables operators to protect any risky or exposed application communication pathway instantly without any changes or stoppages to the application or network. These policy changes can then be formalized with development, ensuring that the application always runs in its intended state.

Edgewise for DevOps and SREs

Edgewise provides application visibility from development through production, in real time, across on-premise, private or public cloud, and container environments.

Effortlessly scale DevOps in hybrid clouds

Edgewise policies automatically adapt to application services regardless of where they are deployed—on-premises or in the cloud. Edgewise policies accommodate administrative changes such as workload autoscaling and orchestration. Edgewise machine learning takes information from DevOps tooling to anticipate change before it happens.

Edgewise supports nearly 400 Linux kernel versions, Windows 7 onwards, and any Windows Server operating systems. Container environments supported include Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS).