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Webinar: The Four Keys to Unlocking
Application Identity for Security

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“Zero trust networking” has, in the past 18 months, become one of the hottest buzzwords in the cybersecurity industry. And while the highest level of what a move to zero trust entails is well-understood by most security practitioners, the actual “how” isn’t always as obvious. Building policies based on an application-centric view requires the applications to be accurately and consistently identified throughout the environment. This demands a system by which a zero trust platform can develop those identities.

There are four keys to developing application identities for zero trust:

  1. Identities must use unchanging characteristics that are available to the practitioner, not based on opaque traits invented by a third-party.
  2. Identities must use characteristics that are understandable, to create a confidence in the identity’s veracity and effectiveness as a tool.
  3. Identities must use a broad variety of characteristics to ensure that applications have enough points of reference to identify them across several hosts.
  4. Identities must be upgrade-tolerant, allowing for new versions of software without necessitating an overhaul of the protection policies.

Edgewise Chief Data Scientist John O’Neil, Agent Developer Pete Nahas, and Director of Marketing Operations Adam Sell will host a conversation on the role of application identity in zero trust and how organizations can begin to use application identities to secure their cloud or data center.

Webinar Hosts

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Pete Nahas
Agent Developer,
Edgewise Networks
John O'Neil
Chief Data Scientist,
Edgewise Networks
Adam Sell
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