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Edgewise Networks Chosen by Advanced Cyber Security Center for Next Wave Tech Showcase Highlighting Game-Changing Cybersecurity Companies

BusinessWire — Oct 24, 2017

CEO Wins Prestigious “40 Under 40” Award from Boston Business Journal

On the heels of the company’s launch, Edgewise Networks, the first provider of Trusted Application Networking to secure cloud workloads, has received two prestigious awards acknowledging the exceptional entrepreneurial nature of the company’s founder and CEO, Peter Smith, and the innovative nature of the technology. Edgewise provides a fresh perspective on network security which transcends limitations of traditional address-centric controls to segment and protect workloads in the cloud, where firewalls fail to prevent attack progression.

Peter Smith, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Edgewise Networks, received the “40 Under 40” award from Boston Business Journal, which recognizes the area’s best and brightest young innovators and leaders in their fields.

In addition to the “40 Under 40” award, Edgewise Networks was invited by the Advanced Cyber Security Center (ACSA) for the Next Wave Tech Showcase, which features game-changing cybersecurity companies at the organization’s conference on Thursday, November 2, 2017 in Boston. At the conference, Smith will be speaking about the company’s Trusted Application Networking approach, which allows security teams to protect application communications, whether in a cloud environment, or on-premises data center.

“As a Boston-area startup, we are especially pleased to receive these accolades from both industry and regional groups,” said Smith. “From the start, we set out to bring to market a new approach to cybersecurity using machine learning that promises to change how organizations protect their networks and puts trust back into the hands of the defenders.”

Edgewise Networks’ fundamentally new technology is the first of its kind to embrace the zero-trust networking model. It abandons the traditional address-based security model and instead validates the secure identity of the communicating applications, users, and hosts controlling the addresses.

About Edgewise Networks:

Edgewise Networks is the first company to provide Trusted Application Networking for the cloud and data center to protect where firewalls fail. Edgewise prevents progression of network-borne threats by allowing only trusted applications to communicate over approved network paths. Using machine learning, Edgewise recommends and prioritizes optimal policies to eliminate 98% of network attack surface and protect the rest.

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