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Edgewise debuts 1-click microsegmentation for hybrid cloud environment

BusinessWire — June 11, 2019

Customers benefit from rapid time-to-value with automated, provable security that stops attackers’ lateral movement to protect workloads

BURLINGTON, Mass. — June 11, 2019 Edgewise Networks today launched its new platform that radically simplifies the creation and management of zero trust environments with one-click microsegmentation. In seconds, companies can stop internal network attacks that have bypassed perimeter defenses. The benefits include a significantly reduced network attack surface, operational efficiency for policy creation and management, and rapid time-to-value, all of which sharply reduces cyber risk.

Traditional address-based microsegmentation approaches are ineffective in today’s dynamic, hybrid-cloud environments. Edgewise uses an identity-based methodology fueled by machine learning to provide security teams with a simple, automated solution for zero trust that doesn’t require any changes to existing applications or the network.

“As we started migrating our workloads to the cloud, we quickly recognized that our traditional controls just couldn’t protect them,” said Steve Strout, global head of technical operations at Vonage. “Edgewise’s platform lets us establish zero trust security across our entire hybrid cloud environment. They’ve made it so amazingly simple that we were astonished at how quickly Edgewise was able to visualize and microsegment our workloads. There really is nothing out there like it.”

Extreme automation and simplicity

While other microsegmentation solutions rely heavily on professional services to build, implement, and manage policies, Edgewise offers a self-service platform that uses advanced analytics to automate the creation and management of zero trust controls.

Benefits include:

  • Impossibly simple microsegmentation — with one click: Edgewise automates a process that typically takes months or years to complete manually. With a single click, Edgewise eliminates unnecessary communication paths to shrink the attack surface by more than 90%, microsegments applications and hosts, and automatically creates a compressed set of policies that allow organizations to accomplish zero trust security. Operators can easily review the policies created by machine learning and simulate their effects prior to enforcement. As a network overlay, there’s no need for cumbersome architectural changes, and Edgewise integrates with DevOps processes by enabling new workloads to automatically receive segmentation policies.
  • Strong security with zero trust: As a true zero trust solution, Edgewise prevents malicious lateral movement across the network by allowing only applications verified by their cryptographic identity to communicate. The platform protects digital assets no matter where they are located: on-premises, in the cloud, or in containers. Unlike other microsegmentation products that depend on ephemeral network addresses, Edgewise uses immutable properties of the workload to create unique identities for each piece of software, hosts, and other services. These identities inform the policies, built with machine learning, which are stronger than address-based controls, are resilient to software upgrades and network changes, and cannot be spoofed by malicious actors. Because policies are decoupled from the underlying network, Edgewise is able to enforce policies that withstand and adapt to changes inherent in cloud and container environments.
  • Provable security outcomes: Edgewise eliminates unnecessary network attack surface so that security control can be highly focused on the applications, services, and data critical to business’ success. By reducing the number of available communication pathways and securing them with identity-based, zero trust policies, the result is provable security return on investment. Organizations can see and demonstrate exactly how many unnecessary pathways have been shut down and the percentage of risk reduction in the environment due to the elimination of attack surface.

“Edgewise’s zero trust segmentation maximizes security by transforming controls from how things communicate (i.e., IP addresses) to what is communicating (i.e., verified software),” writes Jack Poller, senior analyst at ESG, in its technical validation of Edgewise. “Machine learning analysis and one-click segmentation greatly simplify the security team’s work, reducing the time and effort needed to secure applications.”

“We can land rockets on a barge in the middle of the ocean and drive home without ever touching the steering wheel — there’s no reason it should take up to a year to microsegment a network,” said Peter Smith, co-founder and CEO at Edgewise Networks. “With Edgewise, a zero trust environment is just one click away, solving one of the most difficult problems that security teams face in a matter of seconds.”

Edgewise is available now, and the company is accepting applications from potential channel partners. For more information on the Edgewise channel program, please visit our partner page.

About Edgewise Networks

Edgewise’s Zero Trust Auto-Segmentation delivers impossibly simple microsegmentation in one click. Driven by machine learning, Edgewise automatically builds policies that protect any application in any cloud, without any changes to your network. We provide measurable improvement by quantifying attack path risk reduction and verifying software identity before it communicates—to stop application compromise and data breaches. Gartner has recognized Edgewise as a 2018 Cool Vendor. To see how you can eliminate network attack surface, please visit https://www.edgewise.net/.

To learn more about Edgewise, please visit https://www.edgewise.net/.

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