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Edgewise Networks receives patent for innovative zero trust platform

— January 9, 2019

Burlington, MA January 9, 2019 — Edgewise Networks, the industry’s first zero trust microsegmentation platform for hybrid cloud, announced today that it was awarded its first patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office for innovation in “Network Application Security Policy Enforcement.” With this patent, Edgewise solidifies the company’s core value proposition of offering symmetrical, application identity-based security policy enforcement to protect companies’ assets in the data center, cloud, or hybrid cloud. Less than 18 months after emerging from stealth, this patent demonstrates Edgewise’s expertise in identifying and protecting against network-borne threats in organizations’ networks.

The patent was granted for a new technology which bi-directionally validates the authenticity of a network connection between two network applications based on the applications’ cryptographic identities. The patent also covers Edgewise’s unique processes for creating security policies for application-to-application communication, and means of identifying policy violations that are not detected by traditional security systems.

Symmetrical validation—a key component in this patent—is critical for organizations because most traditional security technologies rely on a one-time, address-based validation that permits a source application to initiate communication. However, destination verification from these same technologies operates in relative isolation and generally only has visibility into network-related information such as IP address, port, and protocol, leaving opportunities for attackers to exploit communications during transmission and cause a security compromise. Using application identity versus address-based controls means that security policy is tied to the applications attackers are trying to compromise and not the environment in which the applications communicating. Edgewise’s zero trust platform puts attack targets, applications, at the center of its strategy.

“We are thrilled to be awarded this patent for technology that is at the core of our platform,” said Peter Smith, Edgewise CEO & Founder. “The key to staying ahead of threats is to make it simple for defenders to protect their networks while increasing complexity for attackers. Edgewise does just that.”

To learn more about Edgewise Networks, please visit https://www.edgewise.net/.

About Edgewise Networks

Edgewise is the industry’s first zero trust networking platform that stops breaches in the data center and cloud. It protects workloads and prevents attackers’ lateral movements by allowing only verified software to communicate. Using machine learning, Edgewise makes microsegmentation simple for defenders while increasing complexity for attackers. Our recommended policies eliminate 98% of network attack surface and protect the rest. Gartner has recognized Edgewise as a 2018 Cool Vendor.

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