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Edgewise Zero Trust Security Platform Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Edgewise — February 24, 2020

Edgewise Uses a Software Identity-based Approach to Microsegment Networks in 1-Click, Creating a Zero Trust Environment within AWS

BURLINGTON, Mass. — February 24, 2020 Edgewise Networks today announced that its zero trust security platform is now available on AWS Marketplace. Edgewise radically simplifies the creation and management of zero trust environments with one-click microsegmentation in seconds, enabling companies to stop attacks that bypass perimeter defenses and threat detection products. Edgewise uses machine learning and advanced analytics to automate the creation and management of zero trust for AWS and on-premises infrastructures, which means IT can manage security for hybrid clouds with a single platform.

Microsegmentation methods that are based on firewalls struggle to prevent the lateral movement of threats within autoscaling environments because firewalls rely on network addresses, which become extremely complex in the cloud. Edgewise solves this by relying on software and machine identity instead of network addresses. Each workload is assigned an immutable, unique identity based on properties of the device, software and even scripts. In this way, Edgewise verifies what is communicating on both ends, so it can block the lateral movement of unauthorized, spoofed or compromised workloads. 

“Now that Edgewise is available on AWS Marketplace, it’s even easier for organizations to apply zero trust security to their AWS environment, all in just a single click,” said Peter Smith, CEO of Edgewise. “And because Edgewise policies are built on software and machine-identity, customers get strong, consistent protection regardless of where their workloads run, in virtual machines or containers.”

Edgewise is available now on AWS Marketplace.

About Edgewise Networks

Edgewise’s Zero Trust Auto-Segmentation delivers impossibly simple microsegmentation in one click. Driven by machine learning, Edgewise automatically builds policies that protect any application in any cloud, without any changes to your network. We provide measurable improvement by quantifying attack path risk reduction and verifying software identity before it communicates — to stop application compromise and data breaches. Gartner has recognized Edgewise as a 2018 Cool Vendor. To see how you can eliminate network attack surface, contact us today.

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