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Machine Learning-Driven Network Security

Simple For Defenders.
Complex For Attackers.

Edgewise Trusted Application Networking applies machine learning to maximize protection coverage, increase confidence in policies, and drive operational simplicity—while raising the cost and complexity for attackers. The machine learning system has three outcome-driven stages: the first reveals risk of exposure, the second builds optimal policies, and the third protects workloads while continuously assessing their trustworthiness.

All this is accomplished automatically in 72 hours or less.


Machine Learning Diagram
Faster time to value
Reveals Risk

Faster time to value for the business

Application owners quickly learn the intended state of their distributed application environment and exposure risk. Edgewise automatically identifies trusted entities communicating in the environment, including the software, users, and hosts. The machine learning systems build immutable cryptographic identities by collecting and analyzing data from many sources including its agents and DevSecOps toolchains. Edgewise then maps the application topology based on communication pathways between application workloads. Using this topology, Edgewise measures exposure risk and analyzes attack paths to present a clear picture to application owners of overly exposed application pathways that are not needed by the business.

Edgewise Policygraph Engine
Builds Policies

More efficient DevOps

The Edgewise PolicyGraph Engine uses the principle of least privilege and automatically builds the optimal policy set based on the application topology model. Policies are based on application workload communication patterns, making them more accurate, portable, and efficient in contrast to traditional address-based policies. Operations teams gain the broadest protection coverage with the fewest number of policies. The application-centric policies described in plain English enable application owners and DevOps to more effectively collaborate and protect business applications. One click is all it take to apply the policies and receive proof of correctness.

Gap-free security coverage
Protects Workloads

Gap-free security coverage

Edgewise Trusted Application Networking ensures only trusted software, users and hosts are allowed to communicate over approved network paths. Application-level enforcement ensures that protection is alongside the workload, without any gaps, even when workloads move from on-premises to multi-cloud environments. For added protection, Edgewise performs mutual pre-connect validation even before a single packet is allowed to be sent or received—all with 10x lower latency than firewalls. The machine learning system performs a continuous trust assessment, evaluating protection policies to ensure they are up to date, and alerts admins on anomalies from the intended state.


Edgewise Networks small logoEdgewise Protect

Protects Workloads and Stops Attacks

Stop lateral movement of malicious software that bypasses firewalls. Lock down your cloud and allow only verified applications to communicate over approved pathways. Receive alerts for any anomalous communication.

Eliminates Network Attack Surface

As much as 95% of network pathways are not required for normal business use. Eliminate unneeded application communication paths and protect the rest by mutually validating connections before a single packet is sent.

Immediate Time To Value

Apply workload protection policies in minutes, not days or months. Quickly approve machine-learned and automatically-built policy recommendations.