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Free Webinar: Where Machine Learning
Meets Microsegmentation

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Network segmentation projects are on the to-do list of every security group–they're invaluable in helping isolate critical business data (not to mention PII) from attackers that breach the network's perimeter. But segmentation projects in general—and microsegmentation projectsin particular—are especially time-consuming. If we could use tools incorporating machine learning to speed the process, it would be a significant step in network security.

Edgewise’s Chief Data Scientist John O’Neil will deep-dive into the role of machine learning in microsegmentation and demonstrate how a machine learning driven solution could reduce the time and energy needed to launch a microsegmentation initiative from months to hours.

Webinar Host

John_O'Neil_Principal_Data_Scientist.pngJohn O'Neil
Chief Data Scientist, Edgewise Networks