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The perimeter model of network security is broken – attackers have little difficulty in spoofing IP addresses or piggybacking malicious software on top of policy-permitted network traffic to gain access to the network. And once inside the network, it's a simple task for attackers to move laterally until they find the pot of gold and exfiltrate.

Harry Sverdlove, Founder and CTO of Edgewise, took a look at the four steps to implementing a zero trust methodology in your network:

  1. Identify your assets.
  2. Map your workloads.
  3. Implement intent-based security policies.
  4. Continuously monitor and adapt to workload changes.

Harry will talk about how to change your thinking from trust zones to trusted applications. View the recorded webinar by filling out the form. 

Webinar Presenter

Harry Sverdlove
Founder & CTO, Edgewise Networks