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The Trusted Application
Networking Product

Edgewise protects applications and stops attacks.

Protects Applications. Stops Attacks.

Edgewise stops the lateral movement of malicious software which masquerade as legitimate communications, circumvent existing controls and ultimately compromise their targets. Network attack surface is eliminated and only trusted applications are allowed to communicate.
Edgewise Networks builds optimal policies automatically

Builds Optimal Policies Automatically

Organizations no longer need to struggle under the weight of thousands of address-based network policies. Edgewise automatically builds a handful of application-centric policies that cover 99.99% of the network attack surface. Edgewise machine learns application communication patterns to generate optimal policies to simplify management.
Edgewise Networks simplifies policy enforcement.

Simplifies Policy Enforcement

Edgewise protects applications with one click on the application flow diagram — no knowledge of application architecture or experience in building policies is required. For experts who want advanced flexibility, the application-centric policies are described in natural language, making enforcement fast and intuitive.
Edgewise Networks reveals risk, recommends protection.

Reveals Risk, Recommends Protection

Edgewise measures the visible network attack surface, quantifies risk exposure, and recommends application-centric policies to maximize protection. Each policy is modeled to show risk reduction, enabling organizations to prioritize protection.
Edgewise Networks adapts to secure DevOps and Cloud

Adapts to DevOps and Cloud

Edgewise protects application services regardless of where they are deployed — on-premises or in the cloud. Unlike firewalls, Edgewise policies adapt to application changes by remaining independent of network constructs to provide the agility required by modern applications.
Edgewise Networks maps application communications

Maps Application Communications

Edgewise automatically maps the topology of applications to provide visibility into how applications communicate. Application data is gathered in real time and continuously updated enabling operators to accurately prioritize protection starting with critical applications.

See for yourself how Edgewise can stop attack progression in your cloud and data center, improve business agility and make security simple.

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