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Consistent protection for your workloads

Protect Serverless Workloads

Portable policies that move with the workloads automatically across any cloud

Serverless workloads in the cloud managing your valuable data require strong protection from unauthorized access. Edgewise integrates with the security controls of your cloud provider to ensure that only trusted workloads can access your information. Managing security in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform becomes simpler and you gain gap-free protection between cloud infrastructure and serverless components.

Why Edgewise

Agentless protection
Provides agentless protection for serverless workloads.
Native load balancers
Supports native load balancers in cloud—no agent needed.
Works across every cloud
Works across every major cloud provider—VMware, AWS, Azure, and Google.
Builds policies
Automatically builds policies within 72 hours.
Trusted software
Allows only trusted software to communicate and protect data.
On-prem access
Control on-premises access to serverless data stores in the cloud.
Identify applications
Reveals Risk

Identify applications accessing serverless services

The first step in protecting serverless workloads requires identifying the applications that connect to those services. Edgewise automatically learns and visualizes your application topology to provide insight into how serverless services—including databases and load balancers—are used by applications. Applications can be better secured because cross-functional teams will gain a shared understanding of how the services are consumed by the applications.

Build policies to describe identities of trusted entities
Builds Policies

Build policies that allow only trusted workloads to communicate

Edgewise uses machine learning to build policies that follow the principle of least privilege, allowing only trusted applications that are required by the business to communicate with serverless services. Edgewise delivers a manageable set of policies which are described in plain English, and dynamically adapt to changing environments to simplify your journey to the cloud.

Block access to serverless workloads
Protects Workloads

Block access to serverless workloads from unauthorized hosts

Edgewise controls connections to serverless services to protect where firewalls fail. Only trusted applications are allowed to access these services. Unmanaged applications—those running on hosts not protected by Edgewise—are not allowed to connect. Edgewise protection automatically adapts to infrastructure changes.


Edgewise Secures Public Cloud Services

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Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
Amazon Redshift
Amazon DynamoB
Amazon ElastiCache

Network Load Balancer (NLB)
Application Load Balancer (ALB)
Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

SQL Database
Azure Cosmos DB
Table Storage
Redis Cache

Load Balancer

Cloud Storage
Cloud SQL
Cloud Bigtable
Cloud Datastore

Cloud Balancing


Edgewise Networks small logoEdgewise Protect

Protects Workloads and Stops Attacks

Stop lateral movement of malicious software that bypasses firewalls. Lock down your cloud and allow only verified applications to communicate over approved pathways. Receive alerts for any anomalous communication.

Eliminates Network Attack Surface

As much as 95% of network pathways are not required for normal business use. Eliminate unneeded application communication paths and protect the rest by mutually validating connections before a single packet is sent.

Immediate Time To Value

Apply workload protection policies in minutes, not days or months. Quickly approve machine-learned and automatically-built policy recommendations.