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Gap free protection for hybrid clouds

Zero Trust policies automatically secure workloads in virtual, private and public clouds

Edgewise's portable Zero Trust policies provide consistent protection for your workloads–in the cloud and on premises. With Edgewise’s machine learning, you don’t need to manually build a single policy. Leave legacy security controls behind and accelerate your cloud journey with Edgewise.

Why Edgewise

Enforces Zero Trust by allowing only trusted software to communicate.
Provides agentless protection for serverless workloads.
Adaptive policies require no changes after migration.
Automatically builds policies within 72 hours.
Supports load balancers in the cloud and on premises.
Supports every major cloud provider—VMware, AWS, Azure, and Google.
Workload communications

Automatically learn and model workload communications

It is vital to gain insight into how workloads communicate for Zero Trust security. Edgewise automatically learns your application topology, visualizes all the potential pathways of attack, and highlights areas of greatest risk, regardless of whether your workloads are running in the cloud or on premises.

Cross-functional teams will gain a shared understanding of how workloads communicate, allowing them to better understand and prioritize risk in hybrid clouds.


Build portable policies automatically

Because Edgewise's Zero Trust policies are application-centric and not bound by network address constructs, the policies automatically adapt whether they are applied in on-premises environments or in the cloud. Edgewise uses machine learning to build policies that protect 99.99% of workload communications. Edgewise delivers a manageable set of policies—up to 60x fewer than traditional address-based policies—which are described in plain English to simplify hybrid cloud security management.


One click to protect, in the cloud or on premises

Edgewise delivers Zero Trust protection for your hybrid cloud. The Edgewise agent enforces application-centric policies that allow only trusted software, users, containers and hosts to communicate over approved network pathways. Organizations gain consistent protection in hybrid cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, VMWare, and containerized environments.


Edgewise Networks
Edgewise Protect

Zero Trust Protection For Application Workloads

Stop lateral movement of malicious software in untrusted cloud networks by allowing only verified applications to communicate over approved pathways.

Eliminates Network Attack Surface

Over 95% of network pathways are not required for normal business use. Eliminate unnecessary attack surface and protect the rest with zero trust policies.

Faster DevOps Security With Automated Policies

Edgewise automatically builds protection policies using machine learning, within 48 hours. Simply click Approve for zero trust protection.