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Welcome, Security Weekly Readers!

Edgewise welcomes the Security Weekly audience. Below you'll find the on-demand versions of Edgewise's appearances on the show, as well as additional content to help you start your zero trust journey.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure In Hybrid Clouds - PSW #663

Customers are concerned about protecting critical services such as Active Directory from compromise.  AD environments can be heterogeneous; public cloud, on-prem data centers, clients, servers.  How do you deal with changes in the environment? New apps? App updates? New systems? Harry Sverdlove demos key points of Edgewise's answer to using software identity for microsegmentation and cloud workload protection.

More Security Weekly Episodes with Edgewise

Securing Remote Access: Quarantines & Security

Securing Remote Access: Quarantines & Security - PSW #651

We use terms such as social distancing, quarantine, and contact tracing on a regular basis amid the current crisis. How do these apply to Information and Network Security?
Work from home securely

Work From Home Securely - PSW #644

Peter Smith, Founder & CEO of Edgewise discusses the challenges and differentiated values of desktop and laptop protection and administrative tool control (e.g., Powershell, SSH) for remote users and administrators to work securely.
Stopping Python Backdoor Attacks

Stopping Python Backdoor Attacks - Peter Smith - PSW #637

Peter Smith, Founder and CEO of Edgewise, talks with Security Weekly about stopping Python backdoor attacks. Python-based backdoor attacks have managed to evade traditional network security defenses and propagate inside their target environments.
Stopping Linus Malware #PSW626

Stopping Linux Malware – Peter Smith – PSW #626

Peter Smith, Founder and CEO of Edgewise, talks with Security Weekly about stopping Linux malware by verifying the identity of software before allowing it to communicate in the data center and cloud. Peter demonstrates how this zero trust approach to protecting cloud workloads is simpler than using firewalls and AV.
Capital One Breach-PSW #619

Capital One Breach, Edgewise - PSW #619

Peter Smith, Founder & CEO of Edgewise, covers the Capital One breach and the AWS metadata service with request forgery. he explains how to solve this problem with Edgewise.
Coresecurity, Endgame, & Edgewise

Coresecurity, Endgame, & Edgewise - ESW #150

Security Weekly interviews Peter Smith from Edgewise (24:34 onwards) !! Peter discusses how to defend against living off the land attacks using admin tools such as PowerShell.
1-Click Microsegmentation

1-Click Microsegmentation, Edgewise - Paul's Security Weekly #608

Peter Smith visits Security Weekly to discuss the debut of 1-Click Microsegmentation and demonstrates "Will it Defend?"
Evolution of Zero Trust

Evolution of Zero Trust, Edgewise - Paul's Security Weekly #597

Peter Smith, Founder and CEO of Edgewise, talks about the evolution of Zero Trust and shares a demo of the Edgewise solution.

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