Webinar: Segmentation and Security:
How to plan for right-sized security testing

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Join us on April 30th (1pm ET/10am PT) for a live webinar that will help you right size your network segmentation for penetration tests and audits. This presentation will answer the questions:

  • Do I need a full penetration test or do I simply need to demonstrate network segmentation is implemented and working as intended?
  • What types of network and data controls are necessary to protect critical data? Are they easy to maintain? Do they map to known risks?
  • Do my controls allow me to achieve provable security?

Webinar Presenters

Mark Butler, SVP and CISO from MegaplanIT  Peter Smith, Founder and CEO, Edgewise
Mark Butler,
SVP & CISO, MegaplanIT
Peter Smith,
  Founder & CEO, Edgewise