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Automatically segment workloads

Automatically segment workloads in minutes. Zero policies to build.

More complex for attackers. 10x simpler for defenders.

Microsegmentation projects no longer need to be complicated or require lengthy deployment times. Defenders can now turn the tables and increase complexity for attackers while simultaneously benefitting from simpler and faster deployments. Edgewise’s automated application-centric controls provide more security, in a quicker time frame, than traditional network address-based controls.

Why Edgewise

Trusted software
Communication of only trusted software.
One-click segmentation
One-click segmentation—zero changes to network.
Policy compression
Simplified operations based on policy compression–the broadest coverage with the fewest policies.
Adaptive protection policies
Adaptive protection policies for every cloud and data center.
Continuous risk assessment
Up-to-date policies with continuous risk assessment.
Agentless protection
Agentless protection for serverless workloads and load balancers.
Visualize application topology
Reveals Risk

Visualize application topology and attack pathways

The first step in speeding up microsegmentation projects is to understand how applications communicate and quantify their network attack surface. Edgewise automatically maps application topologies to reveal how applications communicate and then highlights potential pathways of attack within the network. This application-centric view helps defenders gain a clear picture of the applications they need to protect and prioritize based on exposure risk.

Simplify deployment
Builds Policies

Simplify deployment with automatically-recommended policies

Edgewise uses machine learning to build the smallest number of policies that provide the broadest protection coverage (up to 99.99% of observed communications). The machine learning system quantifies the reduction in network attack surface and exposure risk realized by applying Edgewise policies. Edgewise produces plain-English policies, making it easy for application owners, security operations, and networking teams to collaborate more easily—no need to translate “application speak” to “network speak.”

Eliminate network attack surface
Protects Workloads

Eliminate network attack surface with one-click protection

On the application flow diagram, defenders can simply click to apply approved protection policies. Once applied, only trusted applications are allowed to communicate over approved network pathways. Unlike other microsegmentation products, Edgewise does not need external host-based or network firewalls. Instead, Edgewise uses its own application-level controls to bring protection closer to the workloads and more easily adapt to workload changes.


Edgewise Networks small logoEdgewise Protect

Protects Workloads and Stops Attacks

Stop lateral movement of malicious software that bypasses firewalls. Lock down your cloud and allow only verified applications to communicate over approved pathways. Receive alerts for any anomalous communication.

Eliminates Network Attack Surface

As much as 95% of network pathways are not required for normal business use. Eliminate unneeded application communication paths and protect the rest by mutually validating connections before a single packet is sent.

Immediate Time To Value

Apply workload protection policies in minutes, not days or months. Quickly approve machine-learned and automatically-built policy recommendations.