Zero Trust segmentation in minutes. Zero policies to build.

More complex for attackers. 10x simpler for defenders.

Why Edgewise

Zero Trust security allows only verified software to communicate.
One-click segmentation—zero changes to network.
Simplified operations. Policy compression delivers broadest coverage with the fewest policies.
Adaptive protection policies for hybrid clouds.
Up-to-date policies with continuous risk assessment.
Agentless protection for serverless workloads and load balancers.
Visualize application topology

Visualize application topology and attack pathways

The first step in speeding up microsegmentation projects is to understand how applications communicate and quantify their network attack surface. Edgewise automatically maps application topologies to reveal how applications communicate and then highlights potential pathways of attack within the network. This Zero Trust view helps defenders gain a clear picture of the applications they need to protect and prioritize based on exposure risk.

Simplify deployment

Simplify deployment with automatically-recommended policies

Edgewise uses machine learning to build Zero Trust policies that provide the broadest coverage with the fewest number of policies. The machine learning system quantifies the reduction in network attack surface and exposure risk realized by applying Edgewise policies. Edgewise produces plain-English policies, making it easy for application owners, security operations, and networking teams to collaborate more easily—no need to translate “application speak” to “network speak.”

Eliminate network attack surface

Eliminate attack surface by applying Zero Trust protection with 1 click

On the application flow diagram, defenders can simply click to apply approved Zero Trust protection policies. Only verified applications are allowed to communicate over approved network pathways. Unlike other microsegmentation products, Edgewise does not rely on external host-based or network firewalls. Instead, Edgewise uses its own application-level controls to bring protection closer to the workloads for true Zero Trust security.


Edgewise Networks
Edgewise Protect

Stop Data Breaches with Zero Trust

Apply adaptive and simplified policies to allow only verified workloads to communicate over approved pathways. Never trust, always verify.

Automatically Measure Risk

Identify data stores and map communication pathways to understand your security risk. Prioritize protection based on risk of compromise.

Enable DevOps Security

Enable DevOps and SREs to build and deploy software with more security and with fewer disruptions to the SDLC. Machine-learned policy creation and enforcement allows auto-scaling in even the most elastic cloud environment.