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Trusted Application Networking is a radically new approach to protect your cloud and data center applications using machine learning based technology. It eliminates 98% of your attack surface and protects the rest by allowing only trustworthy applications to communicate over approved network paths. It abandons traditional network address constructs and embraces the zero-trust networking model to achieve superior protection and simplified management at scale.
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Network Addresses are Not Trustworthy

Traditional address-centric firewalls allow malicious communications to piggyback on allowed network policies because they lack visibility beyond primitive network attributes.

Next-generation firewalls inspect content to understand application protocols, but they are blind to the true identity of the communicating software. Firewalls are also blind to the majority of the network attack surface that exists within the network perimeter but outside the control of the firewall.

To overcome firewall limitations, micro-segmentation offers more visibility and control of network traffic. However, because of the large number of address-centric policies micro-segmentation creates, it adds complexity which sacrifices manageability and scalability, and is still limited by address-centric controls.
Network addresses are not trustworthy
A new approach: zero-trust networking

A New Approach

Zero-trust networking abandons the traditional security model of allowing application communications based on “trusted” addresses. Instead, communications are approved based on the trustworthiness of communicating software, hosts and users— for better security that extends beyond the network.

Trusted Application Networking


Edgewise’s revolutionary approach—Trusted Application Networking—stops compromise and attack progression of network-borne threats by allowing only trusted applications to communicate over approved network paths. This fundamentally new technology, based on machine learning, is the first of its kind to embrace the zero-trust networking model. It works by looking beyond network addresses, instead validating the secure identity of applications, users, and hosts controlling the addresses. With Edgewise, security teams enable true business agility while protecting mission-critical cloud and data center applications.

Pre-connect Validation:
Stops transport-layer exploits by mutually validating applications before they connect
Policy Compression:
Provides superior protection by using machine learning to create fewer, but more effective rules than address-based controls
Zero Impact:
Deploys in minutes with no changes to applications or network infrastructure

See for yourself how Edgewise can stop attack progression in your cloud and data center, improve business agility and make security simple.

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