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Visualize Workload Risk

Visualize Workload Risk

Reduce your attack surface and expose risk with Zero Trust.

Up to 98% of network pathways in the cloud are not required for application workloads to perform their normal function. Attackers exploit these pathways to move laterally. Edgewise automatically measures your visible network attack surface, quantifies exposure risk, and recommends Zero Trust policies to maximize protection.

Why Edgewise

Only allow trusted software to communicate.
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Agentless protection for serverless workloads.
No policy changes needed after migration.
Reveal risk for specific applications or hosts

Reveal risk for specific applications or hosts

Easily filter by applications or hosts of interest and see the exposure assessment report. Edgewise verifies the secure identities of communicating workloads using the Zero Trust model.

Review overall exposure

Review overall exposure of applications or hosts in your environment

Quantify network paths beyond those necessary for business services to perform their business function. Understand how many application communication pathways currently protected, could be protected with available policies, or have no protection policies available. Compare the portion of used application communication pathways currently protected by Edgewise, versus the potential protection if all machine learning generated rules were applied.

Evaluate exposure of specific applications

Evaluate exposure of specific applications or hosts in your environment to prioritize remediation

Review the network pathways that the business application or host don’t need to operate. These potential attack paths can be eliminated. Quantify the pathways that can be protected with Zero Trust policies that allow only verified applications, users and hosts to communicate. Deliver an exposure report to the larger team.


Edgewise Networks
Edgewise Protect

Zero Trust Protection For Application Workloads

Stop lateral movement of malicious software in untrusted cloud networks by allowing only verified applications to communicate over approved pathways.

Eliminates Network Attack Surface

Over 95% of network pathways are not required for normal business use. Eliminate unnecessary attack surface and protect the rest with zero trust policies.

Faster DevOps Security With Automated Policies

Edgewise automatically builds protection policies using machine learning, within 48 hours. Simply click Approve for zero trust protection.