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Edgewise for Zero Trust Segmentation

Edgewise for Zero Trust Segmentation in Your Cloud and Data Center

More complex for attackers. 10x simpler for defenders.
Edgewise is the only zero trust platform that microsegments data and applications using their cryptographic identity fingerprint rather than address-based controls. We focus on the data first because that’s what your adversaries are after. Further, Edgewise eschews the idea that address-based controls are adequate to protect your assets, especially in cloud environments where security teams have less control over the network. Edgewise supports all major cloud platforms.
Support business initiatives, without traditional security roadblocks

Support business initiatives, without traditional security roadblocks

Traditional security tools can be antithetical to speed and efficiency, but Edgewise offers a different approach. Edgewise places protection as close to your data as is possible. Our application-aware policies travel with all applications and services, meaning that potential compromises will be contained to the affected asset, not the entire network. In addition, with Edgewise, security teams no longer need to worry about shadow IT entering the environment. Edgewise automatically identifies all communicating software and recommends zero trust policies which can be applied with one click.
Apply gap-free protection

Apply gap-free protection

Security tools that rely on IP addresses, ports, and protocols are not fit to protect modern network architectures. Edgewise decouples workload security from IP address constructs by creating a unique identity for every communicating application or service in your networks. This approach allows you to avoid issues with IP-based controls and to ensure that your networks are secure, independent of network location.
Risk assessment

Continually assess risk

Most security practitioners know that their corporate networks are vulnerable to compromise, but most can’t quantify the level of risk these networks pose to the organization, particularly related to application exposure. Edgewise automatically measures your visible network attack surface to understand how many possible application communication pathways are in use, quantifies risk exposure, and uses machine learning to recommend zero trust security policies that dramatically reduce your probability of data breach.